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  • Fruity
    • Our strength lies in the development of nature-identical flavours of all domestic as well as exotic fruits. The aromatic substances contained in fruits are analysed by state-of-the art technology. This know-how flows into the development of imaginative combinations such as plum-maracuja.
  • Citrus
    • Our specialists' know-how in the areas of concentration and distillation guarantees the composition of tailor-made flavours. By importing essential oils directly from their countries of origin we can offer you a wide range of citrus flavours at a good price.
  • Mint Fresh
    • We have long-term experience with distilling and fractionating mint oils in our own distillation plants. This expertise forms the basis of particularly high-grade mint flavours for the toothpaste and confectionery industry. Close contacts with reliable partners in the growing areas also guarantee constant high quality throughout processing.
  • Sweet
    • Aside from chocolate and caramel flavours, vanilla flavours in particular make up the main part of our production. By extracting selected vanilla beans in our own production plants we are able to produce unique flavours. One of our specialties is bio-vanilla extract.
  • Spicy
    • Savoury flavours are a recent addition to our product range. Spice, herb, vegetable, meat and bacon flavours are developed by our specialists to meet your requirements.